Siemens’ 3E of Corporate Social Responsibility – Education

As an environmentally conscious company, Siemens Home Appliances has been working with non-profit organizations as long-term partners to educate and support the society.

St. James' Settlement

Siemens Home Appliances partnered with St. James' Settlement bringing together employees, corporate partners and customers to raise greater awareness about sustainability and eco living within the Hong Kong community. Siemens donated appliances to under-privileged families at various locations on Hong Kong Island and in Kowloon, including refrigerators and washing machines to promote the culture of ‘green appliances’ through recycling and reusing old appliances.

Besides appliances donations, Siemens also partnered with St. James settlement to organize a charity program called ‘Gift-or-Give’ with Siemens' business partners. All donations raised from this program were used to purchase necessities for the elderly at the St. James’ Settlement, and Siemens' business partners had the opportunity to personally deliver these items to the residents of the elderly home.


Siemens and WEEE GO GREEN hosted the “Technical Exchange Day” series during which professional technician experts from Siemens shared their knowledge and tips with the EcoPark WEEE Recycling Centre technician team on home appliance repair and refurbishing to help increase the overall efficiency of appliance refurbishing for re-gifting to under-privileged families.