Siemens Table Top Dishwasher Small Size Large Capacity

One wash for 4 place settings, pans and pots

Siemens table top dishwasher (SK26E821EU) is small with size (height x width x deep) 45 x 55.1 x 50cm. It sits gracefully on a kitchen table with style and suitable for a small family. They are manufactured and made in Europe.

It is small but with large loading capacity, helping you to wash up to a volume of 4 place settings with even pans and pots. How easy it is to make a sparkling appearance in any kitchen.

Above picture shows you how easy putting 4 place settings with pans and pots into a small sized Siemens table top dishwasher. Looking for tips to place dishes into dishwasher? Make your dishes clean and sparkle? Dry your dishes thoroughly?