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The Siemens online shop sells cleaning products and appliance accessories tested on Siemens appliances and customized to your needs.

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Make sure that your appliance always performs at its best with Siemens original manufactured accessories and cleaning and care products. The accessories will improve your day-to-day usage while the cleaning and care products keep your appliance in top condition.

Siemens warranties

All Siemens home appliances are covered by a 24-month manufacturer warranty (except display goods). You can extend that warranty for some appliances by buying a Siemens warranty extension. Sign up for the Siemens warranty extension and enjoy even more problem-free years with your Siemens home appliance.

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Siemens eShop THE BIG SALE! Up to 60% off

Siemens eShop THE BIG SALE! Up to 60% off

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