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Interested in finding Siemens spare parts fitting to your Siemens appliance? Want to browse the range of cleaning product and accessories for your appliance?

Siemens Online Support Center

Siemens Service offers a wide range of support options and possibilities. To make sure you get the best care if support should be necessary.

Siemens Online Support Center

You can get original Siemens spare parts that perfectly fit your home appliances - for new appliances and for older model ranges. Functional parts are available up to 10 years after the production of your appliance, with many of them much more longer. You can get the full range of cleaning and care products in the "cleaning and care" tab. Click the tab "accessories" to get more information about the accessories fitting to your appliances.

Start searching by typing in the model-number (E-Nr) of the appliance.

Please type in the model-number (E-Nr) of your appliance. This data is needed to identify your appliance so that the database can show you the correct spare parts. The E-Nr. is shown on the type plate of your appliance. The functionality below will assist you to find the position of the type plate on your appliance because the position differs depending on the appliance category and model. As a result you will see (1) the appliance, (2) a list with favourite spare parts and (3) some drawings of your appliance to identify the spare part.

Get original spare parts for your home appliances

Siemens provides original spare parts that fit your home appliance.

For young appliances and for older model ranges, functional parts are available for up to 10 years after the production of your appliance. Many parts are available for your appliances for much longer. For example, a water pump for your washing machine, a sieve for your dishwasher, a new lamp for your oven, some porthole seals or just smaller screws and electronic parts. For Siemens spare parts online, use the spare parts search for the things you are looking for.

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