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Siemens presents the iQ700 built-in appliance series.

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Elegant, fast and easy to operate: Appliances in the iQ700 built-in series can be installed in any combination. Whether alone or combined, their stylish design never fails to impress. With the new varioSpeed function, your food is cooked to perfection within half the usual time, while the large TFT display with full-screen graphic animation guarantees clarity and ease of operation, leaving you more time for the things that matter most to you.

Discover the fast kitchen.

Twice as fast together: The integrated microwave supplements the oven's conventional cooking modes and reduces your food's cooking time whenever necessary – with the same consistently perfect results you've come to expect. Your food will be cooked in up to 50 %* less time than usual, allowing you to spend that extra time however you wish.

* Compare: Oven without microwave function (e.g. HB676GBS1) and oven with integrated microwave (e.g. HM676G0S1); Recipe: Salmon Lasagne

Experience the attraction of functionality.

With its large display and full-screen graphic animation, the TFT Touchdisplay Plus sets new standards in terms of user friendliness. You can easily select any program and obtain an overview of all the information. Find out for yourself how much easier operating your oven can be on every level.

iQ700 Ovens and Steam Ovens

The iQ700 appliance series includes two oven varients: one with an integrated microwave, shot-of-steam function and other innovative baking functions, and the iQ700 Steam Oven with functions that assist you in both healthy cooking and traditional baking.

Integrated microwave

The integrated microwave has a lot to offer: more space in your kitchen and more freedom for cooking. You don’t need a separate appliance, since the oven fulfils all the functions of a regular microwave reliably and time-efficiently.


The preheating phase of the cooking process is rendered superfluous with coolStart. An extremely effective rapid heating-up process lets you instantly prepare frozen food without any loss of time.

cookControl Plus

It has never been this easy to always ensure the best preparation of your meal. You simply have to select the type and weight of the food that you want to prepare – everything else is automatically taken care of.


Preparing your dish with steam is easy – thanks to the pulseSteam. It enables you, for example, to make the perfect bread crust: the moisture vaporises on the surface of the dough, making it deliciously crispy. Furthermore, it allows you to reheat dishes without them becoming dry.


Thanks to the innovative sensor technology, the cooking process is regulated automatically. The bakingSensor measures the humidity within the oven, so that the oven itself can detect when the dish is ready.


If necessary, the oven cleans itself thoroughly with activeClean®. It does so by heating up to very high temperatures – turning all residues into ash, which can easily be wiped away. This process is called pyrolysis and it is the most convenient and efficient way to clean the whole interior of your oven. Thanks to the special coating the telescopic rails, the baking tray and the racks and rails can be cleaned at the same time.

Multilevel LED-illumination

With innovative LEDs, adjusted on the side walls of the cavity, your food is always perfectly illuminated – regardless of the slide-in level and how many levels are used at once.

Innovation by Siemens home appliances


Breakthrough technologies so intuitive, it will transform your home. Simplifying your day-to-day, while inspiring a new way of living. Siemens innovations – enjoy the future, today. 

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