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The innovative solution for the highest requirements. Siemens provides a two-year manufacturer warranty and some options for a manufacturer-extended warranty.

Siemens appliances come with a two-year manufacturer warranty. And, of course, there are options to extend this manufacturer warranty.

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Siemens produce quality home appliances that are built to last and which come with a two year manufacturer's warranty as standard to protect against manufacturing faults and defects that occur during this warranty period.

Siemens Manufacturer Warranty

The conditions below that describe the requirements and scope of our warranty performance do not affect the warranty obligations of the seller arising from the purchase agreement with the end customer.

This is to guarantee the “SIEMENS” products listed on the warranty card or at online registration (the “Appliances”) is free from imperfections in material and workmanship upon the terms and conditions set out below.

  • (1) BSH Home Appliances Limited (“BSH”) will be liable to replace or repair parts which we deem to be faulty or defective free of charge within two-years, commencing from the date of original purchase, whereby the decision of our technician under all circumstances will be final, and that the Appliances has been manipulated and used according to operation manual.

  • (2) The following products enjoy extra warranty, excluding inspection fee, transportation fee and workmanship labour.
    • (a) 5-year warranty on the compressor of all cooling appliances.
    • (b) 10-year warranty against rust-through of the inner tub of all dishwashers.
    • (c) 10-year warranty on "Brushless Motor" and Heat Pump of all washing machine, dryer or cooker hood in which with product registration record.

  • (3) This Warranty does not cover the following consumable, wearable and/or non-functional parts and/or accessories:
    • (a) Light-bulb, fluorescent lamp, battery, filter, water filter, oil-cup, food processor accessories, door seal for refrigerator/freezer, boot gasket/sleeve of washing machine/ washer dryer, dispensing chambers of washing machine/washer dryer, door and hinge of washing machine/washer dryer / refrigerator etc.
    • (b) Handle and knob, glass shelf, wire shelf, tray, turntable, coffee jug, refrigerator and freezer accessories, vacuum cleaner accessories, power cord and power plug and etc.
    • (c) External body, panel and cover, varnish and enamel, decorative materials, non-functional spare parts and accessories and etc.
    • (d) Cleaning, reconditioning and lubrication and etc.
    • (e) Defects and damage due to sunray, temperature, humidity or other natural calamities (e.g. color deterioration, rusting, water condensation etc.).

  • (4) This Warranty will be null and void immediately if:
    • (a) The Appliances have been damaged due to any negligence, misuse, improper installation, non-genuine SIEMENS parts or accessories or accident.
    • (b) The Appliances have been tampered with or subjected to repair or modification by any other person not authorized by BSH.
    • (c) The damage of the Appliances related to improper electricity/gas supply, water supply/drainage or exhaust pipes connected to the Appliances.
    • (d) The Customer does not use the Appliances according to the instruction and operation manual from BSH or the manufacturer of the Appliances and resulting damage to the Appliances (e.g. cleaning of filters, clear all objects from clothes before putting in the washing machine, keeping the venting channel opened or etc.).
    • (e) The Appliances are used commercially or located at a commercial premises.
    • (f) The serial number of the Appliances has been altered, effaced and/or removed.
    • (g) Any circumstance beyond the control of BSH or the Customer including Acts of God.

  • (5) This Warranty only applies to the Appliances located in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Macau Special Administrative Region. The Customer shall notify BSH in writing immediately if the Appliances shall not be kept at the address specified on submitted warranty card or online registration. BSH reserves the right to stop implementing this warranty service should the Appliances are located outside the aforesaid normal service area. This Warranty will be null and void immediately should the Appliances be re-located outside the aforesaid normal service area.

  • (6) For service on outlying islands, the Customer will be charged additional travel fee on each visit. For location without public transportation, the Customer will be liable for transporting the Appliances to and from our service center for inspection and repair.

  • (7) This Warranty does not apply to the Appliances located on boat, vehicle or movable objects.

  • (8) The Customer shall provide a reasonable, sufficient and safe working space to access the Appliances for service. The Customer is liable to move away all blocking objects or move the Appliances to an appropriate location with electrical/gas supply, water supply/drainage for testing the Appliances. BSH reserves the right not to provide any service if the working space is limited, non-sufficient, unsafe or should there be a risk to create damage of any kind due to the working space (e.g. The Appliances located at roof-top, above ceiling tile or located at an unsafe height or blocked by other objects).

  • (9) In case the Appliances should be returned to the service center of BSH for inspection and repair, the Customer will be liable for the transportation cost of the Appliances to and from the service center of BSH.

  • (10) BSH shall not be held liable for the procurement of replacement appliances in the event the appliances, after being serviced by BSH, are not fully restored to their proper working condition. BSH shall not be held liable to restore the appliances to their proper working conditions should there be unavailable parts from the factory and/or non-replaceable parts, or the appliances are non-repairable or any other circumstances whatsoever beyond the control of BSH.

  • (11) BSH shall not be liable for any cost, expense, injury, direct, indirect or consequential loss, damage or liability whatsoever arising directly or indirectly from or in connection with any defect in the Appliances before or after being serviced by its technician.

  • (12) The Customer shall bear the risk and be responsible for all loss and damage (including consequential loss, damage or loss of profit) arising directly or indirectly from or in connection with the service, delivery, or use of the Appliances.

  • (13) The maximum liability of BSH under this Warranty shall be limited to the replacement value of the relevant Appliances.

  • (14) Please keep and present the Warranty Card together with the purchase invoice to BSH technician when service is rendered.

  • (15) Please contact the Customer Service Department of BSH for joining BSH Maintenance Programme one month before the expiry date of the warranty period.

  • (16) BSH reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions within this Warranty without notice.

  • (17) The collection, retention and use, etc. of the personal data of the Customer shall be subject to the Privacy Statement of BSH as amended by BSH from time to time. For details, please refer to

  • (18) The Chinese version of the manufacturer warranty terms and conditions shall be used for reference only. The English version of the terms and conditions of the manufacturer warranty is the governing version and shall prevail whenever is any discrepancies occur between English version and Chinese version.

You can register the warranty online at , or please fill in the warranty card and return to BSH within 14 days from the Date of Purchase of the Appliances, otherwise this warranty will be invalid.

Siemens Service: repairs

If your appliance needs repairing, maintenance or an inspection, Siemens customer service will offer fast, expert help. Siemens Service is available by phone and online.

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The friendly and expert customer support team in Siemens Customer Service is at your service to meet all your needs – from giving advice about buying a new appliance to troubleshooting.

Extend the warranty

The innovative solution for the highest wants. Siemens provides some options to extend the manufacturer warranty.